Once you are accepted as a member, you are welcome to come in any time during business hours. Each new member attends an orientation to get acquainted with Clubhouse Standards and services, as well as operational fundamentals.  Participation is encouraged for members to truly benefit from Crossroads, and each member's contribution is highly valued. One thing to remember is that we are not clinicians; we do not provide therapy or medications. With membership also comes the personal responsibility that there are rules to abide by and ways to conduct ourselves. We expect good behavior and respect for one another and the work-order-day. We are a business and conduct ourselves in a professional manner. Lastly, we wish for all members to be independent and successful on their way to wellness and recovery!


These are the expectations of all Clubhouse colleagues, staff and members alike:​

  • Show respect to all Clubhouse colleagues (members, staff and volunteers).

  • Contribute to the wellbeing and operation of Crossroads Clubhouse.

  • Maintain proper hygiene and dress in casual, clean and suitable attire.

  • No usage of drugs or alcohol while attending Crossroads or any Crossroads sponsored event. Any suspicion may result in drug testing.

  • No smoking on Crossroads Clubhouse property.

  • Maintain psychiatric medication/treatment plan.

  • Show respect for others' opinions, avoiding religious or political debates that may offend others.

  • If you are ill, coughing, sneezing, etc. please stay home.

  • Theft could result in suspension of membership.

  • If you do not attend Crossroads for an extended length of time, you will be asked to update your membership status before returning.