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The Wellness Program at Crossroads Clubhouse has three major areas of focus: health and wellness, the garden, meal program, and the pantry.

Health & Wellness
The Clubhouse staff provides individual wellness supports and complete wellness progress notes that include healthy goal settings with measurable outcomes. The wellness program also provides access to transitional wellness, memberships to the YMCA and promotes healthy choices. The wellness program also serves daily well balanced nutritious meals, offers support for members who wish to quit smoking, and provides weekly Wellness Tips and educational information. The clubhouse holds a weekly meeting, Thursdays at 1:30 to discuss wellness and gardening. There is also a wellness trip to the YMCA every Monday and Wednesday at 3:30 pm. We also go on a wellness walk on Friday afternoons at 3:30 pm.

The Crossroads’ Garden of Hope
Crossroads has a thriving garden program in which members can work side-by-side to plan, prepare, plant, tend, and harvest large vegetable and herb gardens. This provides an opportunity for fun physical activity outside traditional exercise. The clubhouse holds a weekly meeting to discuss garden progress in conjunction with the Thursday wellness meetings. There is a weekly garden hour scheduled at 2:00 on Friday afternoons as well as other scheduled exciting garden activities that include mowing, edging, grounds upkeep, watering and composting. The Clubhouse also works with other Tulsa agencies to collaborate with Master Gardeners.

Meal Program
A very important and relatively easy addition to one’s wellness program is a healthier diet. Crossroads Clubhouse works hard to provide healthy meal options for every meal of the day, Monday through Friday. Crossroads also seek to teach members healthier ways to shop for and prepare meals. There are many opportunities daily to take part in the planning, shopping, and preparation of healthy meals. The clubhouse members and staff work hard to ensure that our healthy meals are not only nutritional but tasty and fun to make. This year Crossroads served over 1,000 salads to members.

A unique service available to the Clubhouse community is the Crossroads pantry. The pantry is located at our Clubhouse and is always accessible to members and their families to pick up groceries for the week. The Crossroads pantry is made possible through a partnership with the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma and Akin’s Natural Foods. On Tuesdays and Thursdays Crossroads goes to Akin’s to pick up donated food to stock our pantry. We bring in hundreds of pounds of food a week that is processed and then made immediately available for members to take home and eat. Many members have special diets that they would not be able to buy food for if it were not for the Crossroads pantry and the organic and special diet foods we receive from Akin’s.

Michael Guy
Michael GuyNamaste, my name is Michael. I have been taking an active roll in our wellness program through gardening, preparing meals, going to the gym, and taking part in the meal program. I recently established a goal to enhance my aerobic capacity by working out. I go to the YMCA with Crossroads on Mondays and Wednesdays. At the YMCA, I lift weights, so I can gain muscle. Through the nutritional meal program, I have enjoyed all of the affordable and healthy meals. I also enjoy getting food from the Crossroads pantry to take home with me. I am into tai chi and yoga and would like to start teaching tai chi and yoga to the members.


Robert Busse
Rob BusseHowdy, my name is Rob. I am active in the wellness program. I utilize the pantry to get healthy groceries to take home with me. By eating primarily groceries, I got from the Crossroads pantry I was able to lose over 20 lbs. I am now happier and healthier. I even was able to stop taking my diabetes medication. I am happy with the healthy foods that are available at Crossroads.