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The Members

Who are we?

We are members of Crossroads Clubhouse.
We comprise a group of richly unique and diverse people. We are GED students, college students,
graduate students, employees in our community, mentors, parents, children, siblings, friends, and
advocates for mental health. We are business owners, soccer players, and stay at home parents. Some
of us are single, some divorced, some married, some widowed. We range in age from 18-90. Crossroads
members represent all socio-economic and cultural backgrounds. We are musicians, poets, artists,
writers, readers, and mathematicians. We come to Crossroads to volunteer, to eat, to socialize and
play, to form relationships, and to find wellness. We come for help with employment, education and
housing. Some of us come for just one of these opportunities; some of us come for all of them. Most of
us members come for just a few of these opportunities. A few of us attend Crossroads daily. Some of us
come once a week. A lot of us come a few times a month. A few of us drop in every few years. We all get
something out of our experience here. We all form relationships here.

We are members of Crossroads Clubhouse. We are adults with a serious mental health diagnosis.
We are part of our families and of our communities. We are accepting of others. We work hard, in
the clubhouse, and outside the clubhouse. We laugh, we love, we cry. We’re just like everyone else.
And we’re grateful for Crossroads.